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Baby Shower! Baby Shower Sweets Jun
A great event for a girls-get-together (reverse discrimination because this party is for females only?), that is all about the soon-to-be-mom and her soon-to-arrive-baby. Girls, games, chitchat, presents, food and loads of fun!
MEME - The Cook Next Door! MEME - The Cook Next Door! Jun
The idea is almost as old (or young) as my blog, but especially in the beginning and being a new kid on the block, it didn’t feel right…
Transatlantic Food Connection Part II Landersdorfer & Innerhofer Jun
Not beholden to any specific cuisine, sometimes with an Italian emphasis but generally open to a broader spectrum of influences – always imaginative, Landersdorfer & Innerhofer surprises with a every course.
Transatlantic Food Connection Part I Seehaus Jun
Owning a little space in their hearts, Munich had them back for a short while – combining business and leisure, we had plenty of time to revisit some of the places and restaurants they became fond of. So here is our culinary trail, part I: