Transatlantic Food Connection Part II
June 11th, 2005

The week literally flew by, leaving everyone with a big smile on their faces produced by joyful days spent together. So here is the follow-up post, which at the same time concludes our culinary spree throughout Munich. By now David and Stephanie have safely returned to CO, and it’s back to daily business.

Landersdorfer & Innerhofer
Not beholden to any specific cuisine, sometimes with an Italian emphasis but generally open to a broader spectrum of influences – always imaginative, Landersdorfer & Innerhofer surprises with a every course. I’ve read descriptions such as fusion and cross-over-cuisine, but this sounds almost too bearish for this elegant cuisine.

Landersdorfer & Innerhofer

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There is no food menu – for the curious soul they’ll certainly reveal each course beforehand, but it’s much more exciting to be amazed anew each time. In case you’re wondering: what if I don’t like xyz, no worries, they will ask you upfront for ingredients you would like to avoid and work their way around it.

The wine list contains a fine selection from virtually any continent. Our choice of wines this night turned out to be an excellent match for both the starters as well as for the main dish. To go with the first courses, we decided for a German Riesling (Spätlese), to be followed by an Austrian Pinot Noir, which worked very well with the veal.

Course I
Glass-noodle salad with avocado tartar and sesame vinaigrette

Course II
Finely sliced ox with spring vegetables (fiddleheads – more info on them can be found here)

Course III
Salmon filet with mixed asparagus salad, asparagus panna cotta and fenel

Course IV
Basil sorbet on olive oil and sour cream

Course V
Veal with herb gnocchi and wild mushroom sauce

Course VI
Exotic sorbet with raspberries, poached white peach and coconut-passion-fruit-mousse-cake

The food was terrific, each course in direct competition with the other. After having finished dessert, we tried to pick the dish-of-the-night winner, but really couldn’t. Perhaps the asparagus panna cotta? Or, the exquisite and extremely smooth basil sorbet? Hm, the coconut-passion-fruit-mousse-cake… I surrender, we don’t have a contest, everything was part of a bigger picture and -although individually star-performers- contributed to a wonderful culinary experience.

The service has been very attentive and friendly – they refilled your glass with perfect timing, never intrusive – and were happy to explain the one or other dish. Also, the overall timing of the 6 course dinner was spot-on. Neither did we have to wait too long for the next course to arrive, nor did we feel pushed. The atmosphere is laid-back, yet elegant, and you’ll generally find a broad variety of guests. The owners have run this place for over five years very successfully, although it seems, it’s still a well kept secret – in fact, I don’t know too many people who actually have heard of it.

I simply can’t recommend this restaurant enough.
(Landersdorfer & Innerhofer, Hackenstrasse 6-8, 80331 München)

Until recently Negroni was located off of Innere Wiener Strasse (Haidhausen), now they have grown bigger and better and, in the process, changed locations to Sedanstr. 9 (again Haidhausen). There are many rave reviews about this place, but probably only few people know that Mauro, who runs this bar now for about 7 years with his partner Michele, has been awarded with 2nd place in a world wide bartending competition. Actually, if you take a closer look at the top shelf behind the bar, you can’t help but notice the trophies which are testament to their phenomenal cocktail mixing skills.


The interior is tastefully decorated (rather puristic), kept in dark wood with white walls which looks both stylish and elegant. There is room for roughly 80-90 people and it fills up quickly, especially on busy weekends. If you get there timely, you might snatch a seat at the bar, watching Mauro or Michele create a Russian Satellite, Stinger or White Russian. By the way, I usually resort to either one (or all?) of these three and I highly recommend them – hm, not to say that any of the other 130 or so cocktails aren’t as good, I’m just a creature of habit.

What I found interesting (rather exciting) on a different occasion was when Mauro asked me what I’d had for dinner, ignoring my attempt to place an order ;) I told him what I just had and he ad-hoc produced a drink that was just right-on.

So whenever you’re headed out in search for a classic cocktail bar this is the place to go! O.


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