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Utensibility: Sharp devices knives Jun
Spend 300 bucks? Hmm, I’m more than happy to help ;) Those are in fact the best presents. You get to choose what you really want and both parties are happy campers …
More than a couple, not quite a dozen EGGS - IMBB no.16 eggs in a glass Jun
We call it “eggs in a glass” (I don’t know, if this is the proper translation, the German term is simply a description of how the soft-cooked egg is being served – well, in a drinking glass) and…
Sesame Soba vs. Vietnamese Spring Rolls, or: the good and the not-so-good Vietnamese Spring Rolls Jun
There is a clear winner, technical knock-out in round 2, if you will. The soba noodles with the cilantro and sesame seeds beat the Vietnamese spring rolls by far. Perhaps…
Lemongrass Mango Tart SHF no.9 Lemon Gras Mango Tart SHF no.9 Jun
Today has been sunny and warm and best of all, I had a day off. All good reasons to be in a great mood and to top it off, it’s Sugar High Friday again! Well, like I need a reason…