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So this is Christmas... Chocolate Coconut Cubes Dec
…this year’s absolute favorites were the chocolate coconut cubes. How I can tell which cookies were our favorites you think? Well, I had to make them four times and considering the yield of one batch, that’s quite impressive…
Tag your gifts! Gift labels Dec
Ahh, there is a tiny light at the end of the tunnel; can’t wait to finally have a few days off and enjoy the company of friends and family. With the Christmas season in full bloom
How to make me happy Happiness... :) Nov
Don’t give me diamonds – give me stainless steel… and I will give you…
The question is WHERE? Wish I was there... Oct
I’ve mentioned it before, the best thing about food-blogging is the people you’ll meet along the way. Dear friendships have developed, both in the online and offline world; what can I say, passionate food lovers mingle well.
Things to eat before you die Things to eat before you die Sep
How on earth shall I – the most indecisive person in the universe – narrow down my favorite food delights to only five?
Peeking behind the scenes Peeking behind the scenes Sep
The awareness and demand for organic, local and simply healthy food products is steadily rising. While some countries have been embracing the notion of “going local” and consciously cooking with quality ingredients for a long time already…
SHF no. 22 - Can you can? Round Up Can you can? Round Up Aug
Thank you all so much for participating and your wonderful entries. When we initially came up with our theme “jams and sweet preserves” for this month’s edition of Sugar High Friday (inaugurated by Jennifer, the Domestic Goddess)…
The Jam Weekend or SHF no.22 - Can you can? Jam Weekend - SHF no.22 Aug
It was pretty clear form the get-go that last weekend would be all about making jams and preserves. Hosting this month’s edition of Sugar High Friday I ought to better come up with a decent contribution myself, shouldn’t I…
Becoming cool News in Vienna Aug
A little annoyed by the constant rain, we headed back to the hotel and shortly after found ourselves in front of a PC screen checking our emails and could not believe what we were looking at – I wildly gestured Oliver to come over and tell me I’m not starting to see things… we’ve been selected by as one of the 50 Coolest Websites (2006).
Sugar High Friday no.22 - Can you can? SHF no. 22 Aug
This month’s edition is taking place on Friday August 25th and is a good opportunity to preserve the taste of summer: It’s totally up to you, take your favorite fruits, preserve them, refine them, work with them, your creativity is the limit…
Thousand and one spices Thousand and one spice Jul
A few weeks back Sebastian asked us if we wanted to join him and small group of food writers, PR agents and foodies in general for a spicy event. We were pondering over…
A messy kitchen is a happy kitchen... PENNE ALL'ARRABBIATA Jul
Penne all’arrabbiata is the one pasta dish, that is probably the most frequently served one in our household. The ingredients are always in stock and our version is literally prepared in no time…
Five-Three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5-3 Jul
*Blog temporarily offline due to unscheduled but heavy partying* We’ll return as soon as we have our voices back… ;)
Weekend Tidbits Granita Jun
The heat has gotten to us. After its long anticipated arrival, we already wish for a bit less. Ironic? Anyway, it made us stay clear of the kitchen for the most part this weekend. Did it keep us from finding good things on the net? No way.
Flea Market Impressions Fleamarket impressions Apr
Among my biggest weaknesses are flea markets. Having a special spot in my heart reserved for all things antique, flea markets are a perfect and oftentimes underrated place to find little treasures.