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German Thanksgiving, and the water kettle thing German Thanksgiving Nov
‘Got to start the day off properly, first things come first: coffee (or Cortado or hot chocolate or fresh carrot-orange juice) at Cafe Solo Bar, our friend Kristin’s coffee bar – door to door 67 steps. I counted.
Feeling sick - Post...poned Post...poned Oct
This is what I’ve been living on the last 48 hours and as you can probably imagine I don’t feel like writing about bacon at the moment, which is supposed to have a gala display in the next – almost finished – post.
Rotten eggs and phyllo failure Fingerfood Aug
Yesterday my lucky egg phase came to an end with a loud bang. Add a scream to that. I was preparing food for our annual house party, just in the middle of mixing together all the ingredients for a Tiropita (savoury Greek pastry) filling, when I reached for…
Blog travels Holidays Jul
Not overly creative, but probably the next best thing, I’d like you to accompany me through my last virtual trip through the web highlighting a handful of fellow blogs presenting tasty bites. No culinary cravings that couldn’t be addressed with the below list, promised! 0
From tapas to flames Hot stuff Jul
Our friends Carlos and Anja were hosting their 2nd International Tapas Event, a ballsy title you think? The understatement of the year I’d say – we looked at the most extensive variety of tapas I have ever seen on a single – aching under the weight – table.
delicious - ice cream - days Ice cream machine Jul
We’ve been debating a lot… in fact over a whole year now, until I finally told Oliver I would get an ice cream machine TODAY. Stuck at work, all I got as a reply was a “Can we make our first batch include walnuts…”, which …
How to organize recipes Organizing recipes Jun
Are you are a well organized person? I am most definitely not. Although I do like things neat and clean, for some reason I have a hard time keeping certain areas that way.
At the movies - another passion of mine At the movies Apr
We just returned from a fabulous trip to the Côte d’Azur, still rhapsodizing about it, it’s back to business as usual. Quickly skimming across my favorite blogs, I stumbled over a movie-related questionnaire last night and being a movie buff par excellence, nothing could have kept me from letting it pass by unanswered.
Foodblogging - Do's and Don'ts Do's and Don'ts Mar
With two years of food blogging experience on our backs today, we felt it was time for a little reflection, a compilation of the most important do’s and don’ts of foodblogging. Some are obvious and relate to blogging in general, others may not be, and I’m sure there are some you’ll think…
Someone has nibbled at my bread - web bites True Keepers Feb
We write because we love our food, which, photographed or not, will land on our plates afterwards. Usually. I dare to claim food bloggers are epicureans, so by no means would someone add hairspray to a painstakingly prepared feast, right? RIGHT? And the inexorably melting ball of ice cream showcased on the plate is real ice cream…
When a girl needs new shoes 070201-relaunch_arc.gif Feb
…However, like in real life there comes the day, when your favorite boots just don’t fit you anymore – hopefully at least the female readers out there can relate to this analogy ;) Well, of course they still fit your feet, but your taste has moved on…
Neat meat: Follow-Up Neat Meat Jan
Thank you all for sharing your personal point of view on this topic. Your various comments made one thing pretty clear: There is no absolute consensus on how to handle fresh meat…
Neat meat: Do you wash it? ??? Jan
It’s funny how many of one’s daily actions in the kitchen are governed by force of habit. I was quite happy with my rituals and habits until I stumbled upon a little note in a German food magazine that not only suggested…
Favorites of 2006 - cookbooks and music Favorites of 2006 Jan
Just like you can be certain to see Dinner for one on New Years Eve, well, on German TV anyway, it’d surprise if you hadn’t stumbled over one of the many Top-Whatever-Lists of 2006
Guess what?! Happy New Year! Dec
Happy New Year!