Tasty Music - Catchy Tunes, March 2012
March 31st, 2012

Not really sure how March could fly by within the blink of an eye. If it wasn’t for this Kottke post about the Emmentaler PR stunt (gecko cheese?), I would have become an easy victim for tomorrow’s April Fools’ Day jokes. And it reminded me, that a draft about my March music favorites was still waiting to get finished!

3 songs I had on repeat, non-stop:

– Dead Man’s Bones – Lose Your Soul (YouTube)
From their 2009 album, but still on my all-time favorites list. Isn’t it amazing how a single person (Ryan Gosling) can not only be a fab actor BUT an extraordinary talented singer with this incredible goosebump-provoking, Elvis-like voice? This song will kick-start any grey morning – clap your hands!

– Power Animal – Exorcism (Soundcloud)
Too many artists claim to have recorded their songs in their bedroom to make this an outstanding feature or a seal of quality. And yet Keith Hampson has produce something so cheery and positive, you just have to surrender.

– Sonnymoon – Just Before Dawn (Soundcloud)
With their recently published EP and especially Just Before Dawn the electronic duo from Boston raised the  expectations  for their upcoming album (scheduled  for May) again.  Electrifying & soothing.

3 times pleasure for eyes & ears:

– The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather (Vimeo)
This indie pop band from Los Angels is compared to Foster the People in almost every review I came across. For me it’s their Cali vibe and the hip-hop vocals.  … but I stand in California with my toes in the sand …

– Poliça  – Amongster (YouTube, NSFW)
Polica’s album Give You The Ghost is on heavy rotation here ever since it was released. Their videos? Equally stunning.

– Nina Kraviz – Ghetto Kraviz (YouTube)
The Siberian singer, producer and popular DJ delivers her very first video. No wonder she was a big hit at Moscow’s Propaganda club.

3 fab free downloads:  

– Kids – Kids (Soundcloud)
This little EP made our Sicilian roadtrip even sweeter. My Sincerest Apologies (Soundcloud) is just perfect for spring time, a happy, upbeat earworm.

– Vostok-1 – New Material (Soundcloud)
From time to time I crave some serious house tunes and I just couldn’t believe my ears when I discovered Vostok-1’s new material on Soundcloud. These tunes will help getting any party started, heavily influenced by the 80s. Like last year’s Funkynaut Club available for free download here.

– Ghost Loft – Blow (Soundcloud)
Yvynyl  is always a great  resource to discover new music. Ghost Loft  is Danny Choi’s latest project, well worth the listen & download.


Any current favorites YOU want to share?


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