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Little Joys Candy Watch Aug
Two things that in spite of the ugly weather made my day…
Chocolate Crème Brûlée Chocolate Brulee Aug
Odd, especially since I am neither too fanatic about of this oh-so-adored dessert nor had I any successful experience in making one. Earlier this year I laid my hands on a recipe for lavender crème brûlée and although the result tasted surprisingly well,…
Blue Vitelotte Potato Chips with Cheddar Cheese Vitelotte Potato Aug
I’m not a super big potato chips fan, I must admit, so we rarely have them at home. But self-made ones are a different story. I got inspired by new a cookbook that mysteriously found its way into our apartment…
Dampfbuchteln - Sweet Yeast Dumplings Dumplings Aug
A long those lines I thought it’d be time to highlight another typical and basic dish I fell in love with as a kid (and still love!), Dampfbuchteln or Dampfnudeln – it probably won’t get more traditional than this…