Archive for August, 2005
Let's Jam! Limequats Aug
Eating the sour fruits raw wasn’t an option for me. What to do? I glanced over to the fruit basket, saw the only orange left, and knew what to do: Limequats, Kumquats, Orange & Vanilla Jam.
Hot and Greasy! IMBB no.18 Deep Fried Manchego Aug
OK, summer didn’t much bother to stop here (it basically flew by), so why not just ignore the fact and use it as a good excuse for some appeasing, local soul food. Not, because the smell of fried…
A Thousand Miles for a Pink Pitaya Pitaya Aug
When we, as part of our Saturday morning routine, came by his stall (Leo’s Obst-Standl), which is one of the nicest around (a magnet for a lot of food stylists, too), we noticed – it literally jumped at us – an ALL pink dragon fruit (with super intense dark pink flesh!)…
Main(e) Breakfast Choices Raspberry Pancakes Aug
The postman must have questioned my sanity, witnessing the broadest smile he’d probably seen for weeks, delivering what he thought of as just another package. Well, he had no idea…