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Chocolate Earl Grey Truffles and Gelato - IMBB no. 17 Earl Grey Gelato Jul
The dessert genius Clement over at the most extraordinary and puristic “à la cuisine!” chose a truly elaborate theme for this month’s IMBB: tasteTEA it is!…
Red Currant Sorbet Red Currant Sorbet Jul
The news probably came as a shock to the clusters of red currants that were parked next to our fruit plate the last 2 days. We actually had bought them to make some fine red currant & strawberry jam…
Oven Dried Tomatoes - Really a No-Brainer oven dried tomatoes Jul
One of the more elegant/advanced enhancements to jazz up a sandwich or panino are sun or oven dried tomatoes. However, the ones you can buy are often either TOO expensive, TOO strong in taste or TOO chewy. So why not try to make them myself?
Sweet Tidbits about Munich: Vanilla Ice Cream Jul
One of my absolute favorite ingredients are vanilla beans. Vanilla extract, off the shelf vanilla sugar or syntetic vanillin, no, thank you, not in my kitchen. The only problem with my culinary predilection: Vanilla beans are quite expensive!