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Cooking and Acting, compatible ? - Bill and Lea Jul
Despite all good intentions to watch as little TV as possible, I always fall for (new) cooking shows on TV. Just can’t help it. German TV seems to know my Saturday schedule,…
Oh Honey, You Shouldn't Have! - SHF no. 10 More Honey Jul
Honey, honey, honey. Having spend every other day with my grand parents as a child, I always took it for granted that a full jar of delicious honey was readily available at our breakfast table. My grandparents always preferred the kind that had that natural creamy,…
About Neighbors and Pineapple Sage Pineapple Sage Jul
She told me to rub the leaves between my fingers and smell them. Hey, this is amazing! Virtual pineapples traveling incognito as herbs!
Moroccan Orange Melon Summer Salad Morrocan Summer Salad Jul
So this morning we had it again, this time however without the Grand Manier. I think it works both ways (with and without) – in any event a very refreshing and delicious fruit salad – prepared and good to go in no time.