Meet REISEHUNGER, my 4th cookbook - including giveaway
February 24th, 2015

REISEHUNGER has been officially out for two weeks now and I couldn’t be happier with it. Friends, neighbours and complete strangers have sent me emails with the dishes they have cooked, or snapshots of my newest cookbook from the wild (aka bookstores).


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Lifesaver Noodles – With Cabbage & Carrots
February 1st, 2015

If you don’t mind 10 to 15 minutes of prep work, these noodles might save some hungry souls in your home, too. They can be dressed with almost every kind of semi-neglected vegetables in your fridge drawer, but the cabbage & carrot version is so good, this bowl has become the prime reason for me to drag home a head of pointed cabbage.

lifesaver noodles

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Almost there - Reisehunger, my 4th cookbook
January 14th, 2015

The very last weeks before the cookbook finally hits the shelves are my favorite. The work is done, no more pondering over whether you should change this or that, no emergency calls from your editor. Combined with the thrill of anticipation, it’s a wonderful, though slightly nervous feeling, that you can not really put your finger on.


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Coconut macaroons - Undercover stars on the cookie plate
December 10th, 2014

What do you typically look out for on a Christmas cookie plate, that is offered to you? Is it the fancy sugar cookie coated in brightly coloured icing with glittering pearls? Or something rather plain, like jam-filles sablés, spritz cookies or Vanillekipferl? I probably gave it away already, but I almost always opt for the later, and there is a good reason for it.

coconut macaroons

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