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Almond croissants - A very special breakfast treat Oct
It’s dead easy, a perfect excuse to let your croissants first go stale and then turn them into a fantastic treat . I’ll promise you that these will hijack your breakfast top ten at first bite.
René Redzepi, Noma Oct
The overall time we got to spend in the kitchens, try ingredients we haven’t heard of before, talk to the chefs and get insight into the operations was only topped by our talk with René. It provides a fair glimpse into René’s thoughts and take on the concept of eating local and sustainability and how the food industry latched onto it in its own way.
NOrdisk MAd Oct
The veils can finally be lifted: Our short trip to Copenhagen recently was all in light of – no real surprise here though – NOMA. Following an assignment by NOWNESS to interview René Redzepi is something you simply can’t turn down – even when void of an actual dining experience. We connected very well and the overall […]