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7*7 Favorites of 2009: No.4 - Favorite recipes from other blogs Jan
I love to turn to food blogging buddies, whose recipe repertoire and quality level have proven successful over the years. Here are some awesome recipes, that made their way into my favorites folder last year…
7*7 Favorites of 2009: No.3 - iPhone uses for food lovers Jan
And not in my wildest dreams I would have imagined how useful it would become in daily life. Of course you can use it for a gazillion things, but I will list only those, that the food lover in me appreciates dearly…
7*7 Favorites of 2009: No.2 - New Kitchen tools Jan
As much as I like to throw my money at new kitchen tools and gadgets, I’ve learned to tame my enthusiasm and rethink possible acquisitions.
7*7 Favorites of 2009: No. 1 - Let's kick off with cookbooks Jan
Yet I couldn’t let go of the thought to miss a great list opportunity, hence, over the next days or so I will try to compile seven favorites lists (7*7) of kitchen related things, events, recipes or else. Let’s kick off today with seven of my favorite cookbooks of the last year…