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Favorite cake no. 99: with yeast, schmant and lots of cherries Favorite cake with yeast, schmant and cherries Sep
But then I also do have a very weak spot for easy sheet cakes. Usually prepared for a larger crowd, they were regulars on our table during my childhood. One of the nicest traditions. I do thank my grandma for her unwritten law that there had to be at least one home baked cake each weekend.
Is it meat, or a mean plant? Fleischpflanzerl - oriental style Sep
Sometimes colloquial food names can give foreigners a major headache. Fleischpflanzerl. Fleisch- What? The Bavarian term for fried meat balls or patties is definitely one of them.
delicious days, the book - many questions, some answers Pasta dough with poppyseeds Sep
It took me a second to realize that the person downstairs was referring to the actual floor we live on and his next sentence made me forget all the annoyance and made my heart jump for joy: “I’m delivering a parcel from Gräfe und Unzer.” Could this be the delivery of the first bound copies of my book? It indeed was. ***sigh of utter felicity***