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Les bûchettes de chèvre buchettes Sep
The few reservations I had against anything goat cheese are all history, long ago, yet it was rarely seen on our dinner table. For years now goat cheese has virtually been the welcome appetizer I chose at restaurants,…
Is there a better way to start a Sunday morning...? - Part II Croissants. Sep
Shopping for bread has changed over the last decades, a development I personally regret. Large bakery chains have entered somewhere back in the nineties and many small family-run bakeries have vanished over the years…
The Oktoberfest OR Munich's fifth season Wiesn 2006 Sep
“O’zapft is!” might have been today’s most anticipated term for every Munich-ian, as it rings in our town’s most loved season: It’s Oktoberfest time again. At 12 o’clock AM mayor Christian Ude taps the first keg with these famous Bavarian words…
Russian Bread Russian Bread Sep
…Just like Russian Bread. These cookies’ origin is not proven beyond doubt: While Germans claim that a baker from Dresden imported a recipe for “Bukwi” from St. Petersburg around 1844, the Austrians argue conversely…