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Meyer Lemon Pots de Creme - The best Ziploc bag I ever got Aug
Having eaten both ice cream and sorbet of Meyer lemons before, shortbread as well as cake, I was overwhelmed with all the possibilities that just opened up. Rubbing the bright yellow skin releases…
Homemade ladyfingers - When all I wanted was Tiramisu Jul
But I had already firmly latched onto the idea of whipping up some Tiramisu, all I needed now was a quick way out of my misery. Enough eggs were at hand, perhaps it was time to conquer the art of making ladyfingers myself.
7 eggs and a lot of air - Salzburger Nockerl Mar
Sebastian had been in charge for dessert and we prepared Salzburger Nockerl (very typical sweet souffle the city of Salzburg, Austria, is famous for).
A tipsy winter dessert - Arance all'Aperol Feb
Anyway, now is the perfect time to get out there and buy the very best (blood) oranges and turn them into a huge bowl of flavorful citrus indulgence.
Add-ons for your Christmas Gifts - Last Minute Florentines Dec
…your significant better half suggests making another batch of the delicate florentines we’ve been feeding ourselves into coma this December.
Melt in your mouth cocoa hazelnut spritz cookies Dec
These spritz cookies have occupied a safe spot on our cookie plate for ages, the recipe is an old Word print-out with significant stains and handwritten updates & notes, that doesn’t reveal its origin at all.
Cooking with the guys: Part Two - Homemade Coffee Liqueur Nov
If you invest 5 minutes in its preparation and are patient enough to then let it sit at least for one week on your kitchen shelf, you will be rewarded with the most fragrant golden digestive you can imagine.
Stocking up on dessert snacks - Coconut rice pudding Sep
Ever since I skipped store-bought stuff such as rice puddings, fruit curds or custards. Rice puddings are especially close to my heart, a childhood thing, who would have guessed?
Zwetschgendatschi - Wherever you go Sep
…no matter which bakery you walk in, from August to September the Zwetschgendatschi is a staple on every counter here in Bavaria. I don’t think anybody could refuse a still warm slice of this juicy cake.
Ensaimadas!!! Jul
…she raved about a certain Mallorcan pastry she had enjoyed numerous times on her trip, called Ensaimadas. Being obsessed with all things yeasty (and lard!), her description alone made me salivating: soft and flaky, slightly sweet pastry, made from long fermented yeast dough, lots of powdered sugar and greasy fingers from the used lard … ENSAIMADAS!!!
Seasonal dumplings - Marillenknödel Jun
Marillenknödel – delicious dumplings filled with apricots, rolled in butter-roasted breadcrumbs. Probably the best that could happen to this fruit, at any rate for a dumpling lover like me.
The incredible green cake Jun
Starting to slice my first baked loaf, the color had turned out much deeper than I would have remotely hoped for, in fact is was the brightest green I have come across in non-artificially colored baked goods.
Very British - Scones to live by May
I could eat scones every other day and to be honest, we’re having them three or four times a week now – for the third week in a row.
Decadence in cubes Feb
This sweet sin has the power to convert even the most persistent chocolate and caramel haters into the opposite.
For chilly winters - Semifreddo of burnt almonds Semifreddo of burnt almonds Dec
When scratching my head for how to finish off an elaborate Christmas menu including sumptuous roasts, geese or ducks, clearly something in the freezing department is the only indulgence I can think of.