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Fried snowballs (!?) and a brand-new feature on delicious:days Feb
We’ll kick off with a regional sweet delicacy called Schneeballen (translates to “snowballs”), which is pretty common in various parts of Bavaria, especially during winter season.
Ginger & tea flavored quince - The perfect ice cream add-on Nov
My typical everyday solution is ice cream (preferably homemade leftovers) with some sort of topping or extra, anything from granola to chopped chocolate, roasted nuts or fruit compote. Or ginger & tea flavored quince.
Sour Cherry Vanilla Jam - How do you hide your most precious jam jars? Jul
Judging by our pantry one could easily be let to believe I am working on a cookbook about jams and jellies. But no, I am not. Summer fruits just taste so wonderful right now, how could you not want to preserve this for cold winter months? The more the merrier.Sour Cherry Vanilla Jam Recipe source: […]
Fabulously flaky - Sherry's impromptu fruit galette Nov
You crave … something. Something sweet. Something that doesn’t involve additional shopping or much work. Well, if that’s so, I either turn to my grandma’s sponge cake roll or my friend Sherry’s galette.
My favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies - and how to pimp them Oct
Chocolate Chip Cookies are a tough business, every dedicated baker has his/her own expectations and I’m no exception. I perfected mine over the years to my own liking and the moment I used brown butter was a cookie changing experience.
Buttermilk ice cream with basil & vanilla - Summer, come back! Jul
Oh and if you dare to go one step further and pair the basil with buttermilk ice cream, you might be in for a real summer treat. Perfect for glistening hot summer days.
Rice pudding popsicle with rasberries - My kind of frozen treat Jun
They are by far the most substantial frozen treat on a stick I ever had, the rice grains add a wonderful chewy aspect to these popsicles and the addition of fruit makes this dessert completely versatile.
Spiced Pavlova with caramelized cherries & pistachios May
Don’t get me wrong, these cherries taste super on their own, but if you are on a serious cherry spree and keep looking for creative ways to cook or bake with them, roasting and caramelizing them in the oven is the way to go – and marinating them beforehand in a little Amaretto liqueur won’t hurt either…
Lime-Vanilla Cheesecake - A Creamy Classic Apr
And yet, my American cheesecake memories not only have taken a prominent position, over the years I have tried various different recipes and have come verrrry close to THE original.
Chocolate Crunch Granola for the Non-Breakfaster Mar
Yet, if – against all odds – hunger does strike before lunchtime during the week, homemade chocolate crunch granola is my rescue!
Chocolate covered Mapis hearts - Sweet Valentine, yay or nay? Feb
Being not exactly a huge fan of neither marzipan nor Valentinsday this recipe may come to you as a surprise…
Last minute Christmas gifts - Manderol jelly & some free gift tags Dec
What started as flavor experiment, has meanwhile become a staple in my jam & jelly repertoire: the combination of freshly squeezed mandarin juice, Aperol liqueur and vanilla is the perfect winter jelly for grown-ups.
It's all in the details - Cocoa cut-out cookies with apricot jam Dec
For starters, how about a very basic cut-out cookie with cocoa and a touch of cinnamon, one that allows for all kinds of variation? Like fragile and not so fragile shapes, fancy chocolate decoration or traditional jam filling? This recipe might just be the one for you – you can use it any way you like.
Almond croissants - A very special breakfast treat Oct
It’s dead easy, a perfect excuse to let your croissants first go stale and then turn them into a fantastic treat . I’ll promise you that these will hijack your breakfast top ten at first bite.
Prosecco jelly with raspberry & passionfruit - When disaster strikes Sep
I’ve been canning and preserving for many, many years, and consider myself familiar with the whole process – you give me fruit and I can turn it into some delicious jam without having to look up instructions or recipes. And yet, my self-confidence didn’t prevent me from turning my kitchen into an indescribable mess.