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Braised Leeks with Mozzarella di Bufala – Starting off elegantly Mar
A few weeks ago a Los Angeles food memories reminded me of another great combination: braised leeks served with Burrata or Mozzarella di Bufala.
Spiced-up sauteed Paneer - On Loving & Dreading May
The last weeks I’ve been on an Indian cooking spree, working on my favorite curries and flatbreads. Along the way I re-discovered an old basic – homemade paneer (fresh cheese).
Schlutzkrapfen with Porcini, Browned Butter and Walnuts Mar
So yes, this recipe needs some patience, but the final plate was nothing short of amazing. I have prepared several variations of filled pasta, however, this one clearly stands out and will be served to our next guests.
Lifesaver Noodles – With Cabbage & Carrots Feb
It is super quick to prepare and it’s a meal, that not only feeds a hungry soul, but leaves you really satisfied and happy.
How to do magic to stale bread rolls Apr
Some cooking ideas I’ve experimented with, I quickly disregard, but then there are those rare ideas that blend into your daily routine from the first attempt – and you can’t imagine ever having lived without it. Today’s recipe is of that nature and I can only urge you to give it a go.
Homemade peach ketchup - Condiment of my dreams Aug
Back then I thought I had found my holy grail of homemade ketchup: fruity, spicy, incredible velvety. But now that this peach ketchup has entered my life, I am not so sure anymore…
Breadly Pleasures called Bialystoker Kuchen. Or Bialys. May
It took me a couple of trials to get the shape right, taking suggestions from other sources. But meanwhile they have become a weekly regular at our table and probably one of my very favorite savory baked treats.
Scones with fresh ramps & cheese - An old favorite goes savory Apr
So if you are looking for a no-fuss appetizer to start a typical spring menu, this is it. Prepared in no time, best served with your favorite butter …
Happy Dozen - Steamed Pork Buns with Prunes Jun
These buns are rather labor intensive, yet every minute on them is well spent. The dough turned out light and fluffy and my pork-prune filling went straight in my favorites’ book.
The Hungarian grail of cheese pastry - Pogácsa Feb
“No, I am serious, this is the very best cheese nibble I have eaten in my life!” isn’t exactly the worst kind of feedback to receive when you have just spent roughly 2 hours in the kitchen, is it?
Julienne pickles with ginger & anise - Spice up your sandwich Jan
While I was a bit sceptical at first (I never considered myself a lover of pickles), the homemade versions won me over right away. They were spicier than expected and added a lovely crunch to sandwiches…
Christine Manfield's Tasting India - Interview & Recipe included Jan
When I first opened Tasting India, I had a hard time choosing the very first recipe I would cook from it – so many tempting choices! But as soon as I spotted Onion Bhajias I was sold, a snack I had wanted to recreate since we had eaten them numerous times in Singapore.
Green Onion Pancakes - I finally gave in Oct
Bee’s recipe looked like a manageable effort, each step well illustrated and I even had green onions in my fridge! I couldn’t back out again and I am so glad I didn’t! These pancakes are just incredibly good – make them now, you won’t regret it.
Come summer, come winter - Golden crisp potato cubes Aug
Regular readers know I am a carb lover by heart. Bread, pasta & potatoes, my lovely trio I just cannot do without you. The only thing worse than not eating potatoes?
Grandma Luise's bacon lettuce - A favorite from my childhood Jun
This salad is THE salad – the first salad I remember eating with pure pleasure as well as the first salad I ever requested repeatedly from my grandma Luise.