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7 eggs and a lot of air - Salzburger Nockerl Mar

Sebastian had been in charge for dessert and we prepared Salzburger Nockerl (very typical sweet souffle the city of Salzburg, Austria, is famous for).

Thylehogichi - or how to fight a nasty cold Feb

You’ve never heard of Thylehogichi? Well, neither have I. But THYme LEmon HOney GInger CHIli tea sounded a little stiff and boring, hence the new word creation by simply using the ingredient’s first letters…

The incredible green cake Jun

Starting to slice my first baked loaf, the color had turned out much deeper than I would have remotely hoped for, in fact is was the brightest green I have come across in non-artificially colored baked goods.

15 Minutes to Fame - Gnocchi for Beginners. And for Braggarts. May

But Ricotta gnocchi, where have you been all my life? This variation is even easier to prepare than the former two mentioned, taste-wise open to all kinds of flavors, and – I kid you not – they take less than 15 minutes to prepare before you can release them for a little swim in softly bubbling saltwater.