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Popovers & Doris Day May
Some recipes need a second chance. Sometimes, all it takes is a different list of ingredients or change of environment. Both can act as a breath of fresh air to a food experience you hastily labeled unspectacular – or simply dull. Popovers are my prime example here…
A tipsy winter dessert - Arance all'Aperol Feb
Anyway, now is the perfect time to get out there and buy the very best (blood) oranges and turn them into a huge bowl of flavorful citrus indulgence.
Stocking up on dessert snacks - Coconut rice pudding Sep
Ever since I skipped store-bought stuff such as rice puddings, fruit curds or custards. Rice puddings are especially close to my heart, a childhood thing, who would have guessed?
Sausage salad - Bavarian, Swiss or Austrian? Sep
Will you be easier to convince? Let’s see: It’s a perfectly hearty snack, easy to make ahead for a picnic or beergarden visit and it keeps well in the fridge. You do have craftspeople in your house? This is the perfect snack for them, year-round.
Homemade Mayo - Minute-made Aug
I’m a convert ever since and can’t believe, that there are people out there, that haven’t heard about this time-saving shortcut to mayonnaise.
Ensaimadas!!! Jul
…she raved about a certain Mallorcan pastry she had enjoyed numerous times on her trip, called Ensaimadas. Being obsessed with all things yeasty (and lard!), her description alone made me salivating: soft and flaky, slightly sweet pastry, made from long fermented yeast dough, lots of powdered sugar and greasy fingers from the used lard … ENSAIMADAS!!!
Gazpacho con Tropezones Jul
Since he taught us his Gazpacho recipe a few weeks ago we’ve come to realize how many bland and mediocre lookalikes we’ve had before. Tasty, ripe tomatoes are a must, but well balanced seasoning is equally important.
The incredible green cake Jun
Starting to slice my first baked loaf, the color had turned out much deeper than I would have remotely hoped for, in fact is was the brightest green I have come across in non-artificially colored baked goods.
15 Minutes to Fame - Gnocchi for Beginners. And for Braggarts. May
But Ricotta gnocchi, where have you been all my life? This variation is even easier to prepare than the former two mentioned, taste-wise open to all kinds of flavors, and – I kid you not – they take less than 15 minutes to prepare before you can release them for a little swim in softly bubbling saltwater.
Very British - Scones to live by May
I could eat scones every other day and to be honest, we’re having them three or four times a week now – for the third week in a row.
Cookies for a special someone Apr
Our semi-adopted dog Jackson simply loves these treats. They have an excellent ROI, throw in less than 20 minutes of work in the kitchen you have your best friend on four paws following you wherever you go.
Green Picnic - Tesla included Apr
The beautiful weather lend the perfect idea of an all the way green picnic powered by Tesla, so to speak. Said and done, the car was ours for a warm and sunny Saturday. And considering that I’m usually not a big car person, I was blown away by this racy roadster.
Pesto - been there, done that? Wait! Mar
But what would you say, if I offered a different kind of pesto, one with a fairly unusual main ingredient?
Last but not least - Red Onion Confit with Port Wine Feb
While the onions turned into a glossy, sweet-sour delicacy, Oliver and myself couldn’t stop tasting directly from the pot and an odd thought came to mind: why not serve this confit with a little cheese – instead of cheese with a little confit?
Salmon Tartare KISS Jan
I spent my last coins for a small piece of sushi quality salmon and only minutes later started preparing the simplest salmon tartare you could imagine…