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Lifesaver Noodles – With Cabbage & Carrots Feb
It is super quick to prepare and it’s a meal, that not only feeds a hungry soul, but leaves you really satisfied and happy.
Coconut macaroons - Undercover stars on the cookie plate Dec
If you love SOFT, JUICY, COCONUT as cookie attributes – these are for you! Totally.
How to do magic to stale bread rolls Apr
Some cooking ideas I’ve experimented with, I quickly disregard, but then there are those rare ideas that blend into your daily routine from the first attempt – and you can’t imagine ever having lived without it. Today’s recipe is of that nature and I can only urge you to give it a go.
Rice pudding - A classic in a league of its own Feb
It is filed under “winter comfort food” in my private recipe repertoire and it’s my absolute favorite rice pudding to date: Coconut milk, white chocolate & blood orange. Skip at own risk.
Homemade peach ketchup - Condiment of my dreams Aug
Back then I thought I had found my holy grail of homemade ketchup: fruity, spicy, incredible velvety. But now that this peach ketchup has entered my life, I am not so sure anymore…
Poached, roasted & drunk - The stone fruit jar in our fridge Jun
Of course, you can use perfectly ripe and sweet stone fruits as well – it’s just that this whole poaching-roasting part brings out the best in them, so it doesn’t really matter, if the fruits lack any tenderness or sweetness.
Pink in Disguise - The Tipsy, Nutty, Chocolatey Cake May
Days later it won over Lena, who meanwhile bakes it all by herself. And it is now a proud member of my everyday-cakes-repertoire, because it stays amazingly moist for days!
Scones with fresh ramps & cheese - An old favorite goes savory Apr
So if you are looking for a no-fuss appetizer to start a typical spring menu, this is it. Prepared in no time, best served with your favorite butter …
Ginger & tea flavored quince - The perfect ice cream add-on Nov
My typical everyday solution is ice cream (preferably homemade leftovers) with some sort of topping or extra, anything from granola to chopped chocolate, roasted nuts or fruit compote. Or ginger & tea flavored quince.
Surpise, surprise - Cherry tomatoes, candied, and with spice! Oct
After tomato season has come to an end (*shedding a tear*), my shopping list is starting to merely contain Pomodori Pelati (canned tomatoes) and cherry tomatoes over the winter season. Even more so, since I discovered how to turn tiny cherry tomatoes into a surprisingly good cheese plate addition.
A classic gets a facelift - Flammkuchen with Peaches & Goat Cheese Aug
It wasn’t really all my fault… but during preparation of a dinner for friends my onions (from the classic recipe) acted up and I quickly needed a plan B. Shopping wasn’t an option, so I had to raid my pantry… and settled with peaches and goat cheese.
Salad Sicilia - A crunchy, colorful addiction Apr
And besides, you will never come to know how many of last week’s dinner guest have asked for the recipe. BUT you must give this recipe a try. If your agenda permits for only one new recipe this week, make it this salad!
Fabrizia's Panelle - An Appetizer for all Seasons Apr
One of the most traditional appetizers we enjoyed were homemade Panelle. These chickpea fritters are similar to the Panisses one can find along the Cote d’Azur. But since they are thinner and turn out more crisp, I’d choose Panelle over Panisses any day…
Roasted Cauliflower with Superspice - Love the Neglected Mar
We do love our vegetables here, but salads, pumpkins and tomatoes get way more love and affection than others do. Yes, Cauliflower, I’m looking at you.
Fabulously flaky - Sherry's impromptu fruit galette Nov
You crave … something. Something sweet. Something that doesn’t involve additional shopping or much work. Well, if that’s so, I either turn to my grandma’s sponge cake roll or my friend Sherry’s galette.