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Lifesaver Noodles — With Cabbage & Carrots Feb

It is super quick to prepare and it’s a meal, that not only feeds a hungry soul, but leaves you really satisfied and happy.

Coconut macaroons - Undercover stars on the cookie plate Dec

If you love SOFT, JUICY, COCONUT as cookie attributes – these are for you! Totally.

How to do magic to stale bread rolls Apr

Some cooking ideas I’ve experimented with, I quickly disregard, but then there are those rare ideas that blend into your daily routine from the first attempt – and you can’t imagine ever having lived without it. Today’s recipe is of that nature and I can only urge you to give it a go.

Rice pudding - A classic in a league of its own Feb

It is filed under “winter comfort food” in my private recipe repertoire and it’s my absolute favorite rice pudding to date: Coconut milk, white chocolate & blood orange. Skip at own risk.