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Shiok Singapur - My cookbook no.5 Sep
…and the most intense cookbook production for my brand new book Shiok Singapur has taken its toll…
Meet REISEHUNGER, my 4th cookbook - including giveaway Feb
REISEHUNGER has been officially out for two weeks now and I couldn’t be happier with it. Friends, neighbours and complete strangers have sent me emails with the dishes they have cooked, or snapshots of my newest cookbook from the wild…
Almost there - Reisehunger, my 4th cookbook Jan
The very last weeks before the cookbook finally hits the shelves are my favorite. The work is done, no more pondering over whether you should change this or that…
Meringue-Tarteletts with Passion Fruit Curd - Recipe with Video Mar
It is one of my favorite recipes from my new cookbook Sweets- if you need to impress or win people over with a sweet treat, these tarteletts are a sure bet.
Meet SWEETS, my 3rd cookbook - including giveaway Feb
So it’s official. My third cookbook SWEETS is in stores now (so far only in German, sorry for teasing non-German speaking readers, please bear with me) and while I couldn’t be any happier about just that, today started with a BANG! But wait.
Gifts from the kitchen - Cookbook no.2 Jan
I know, I know, it’s a tease and a bit unfair to show you a preview of our upcoming book in light of the fact that it’ll be only published and available in German language, for now…
Cookbook no.2: Done, done & done! Nov
Writing a cookbook sometimes feels like living in a parallel universe, my usual daily routine got reduces to what looked like planet earth from outer space. Luckily, there is light at the end of the tunnel…
The salad it all began with - Writing another cookbook Jun
One of her salads especially won me over, not only because it is so damn simple, but it convinced me to enjoy raw celery for the very first time.
Grandma Luise's Schoppala - The one and only Schoppala Oct
Schoppala, what? Even many Germans will shake their head, because they don’t have the slightest clue what the name refers to. It is a regional name for traditional finger-shaped noodles made from potato dough, more commonly known by Fingernudeln or Schupfnudeln.
Burnt & Strange - or, How to get a signed copy of my book delicious days Oct
These days I especially have a wish for one little skill: a very readable, pleasing to the eye and charming handwriting. Whenever somebody asks me to sign a copy of my book I’m a bit hesitant, because I know my handwriting just too well, and it is about as far from pretty as it can get.
delicious days, the book - many questions, some answers Pasta dough with poppyseeds Sep
It took me a second to realize that the person downstairs was referring to the actual floor we live on and his next sentence made me forget all the annoyance and made my heart jump for joy: “I’m delivering a parcel from Gräfe und Unzer.” Could this be the delivery of the first bound copies of my book? It indeed was. ***sigh of utter felicity***
Passion fruit parfait - The dessert for every occasion Passion Fruit Parfait Aug
In case you thought ice cream desserts were only for those who own an ice cream maker – not true at all. Parfait is dead easy to prepare and will wow your guests, a perfect choice for every cozy summer evening.
A pregnancy to last 11 months delicious days - the book Aug
When they told me last week, that what I was about to experience would be similar to delivering a baby, I laughed out loud, wholeheartedly. Fact is, I had no idea of any of that, and who knew, that they would be right?
Still proofreading... Still reading... Jul
From now on I am much, much, much more understanding, when it comes to typos.
Sunshine and happiness with 216 pages Impressions Jul
Yes I’m still alive, thank you for asking. The reason for the sudden quietness around here were my fantastic skills to coordinate the last deadlines for my book with a rather spontaneously arranged trip to Paris.