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An easy Saturday morning Viktualienmarkt Apr
Our typical Saturday morning looks like the following…
Our big fat Greek yogurt (part I & II) Greek yoghurt with roasted nuts Apr
It is so good, you could even eat it without anything. Sometimes we mix in seasonal fruits, other times we just top it with some self-made marmalade.
Happy Easter!! Mozartkugeln Mar
Easter family get-togethers are great. For one, it’s always good to see your family, but also Easter bunnies bring a lot of chocolate. We’ll skip the dressing up part this time, however, we decided to make a box of chocolates. Chocolate marzipan truffles or our version of Mozartkugeln…
Kaiserschmarrn Kaiserschmarrn Mar
I’ve always had a thing for this original Austrian dessert and tried innumerable times to make it as good as the ones we for example had at the Wirtshaus in der Au. A traditional Bavarian restaurant, with a very good local cuisine.
Rue des Halles Rue des Halles Mar
Just recently, we heard that – after more than 10 years of offering wonderful French cuisine – our favorite restaurant in our neighborhood will now be closed.
cup o coffee - looking for great coffee? cupocoffee Mar
Since midst of last year, I’m hooked. Hooked on great coffee that is. Now after almost 8 months I can surely record that there was life before Arabica beans and life with them.