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Cosmogrill - The Ueberburger Cosmogrill Jul
Having lived in and around Atlanta for more than four years must have spoiled me in terms of mastering the art of BBQs, house boat happenings (mostly at lake Lanier) and laid back pool and backyard parties that would start around noon and last until late hours. Not to say that Germans can’t have a decent BBQ…
Advertising - The proper way ad May
Proper advertising.
A special Bavarian treat - Rahmfleckerl Rahmfleck May
Stall after stall offering all kinds of Bratwürschtl’n (Bratwurst), Dampfnudeln (sweet yeast dumplings) or Steckerlfisch (fish on a stick), but to top things off, there is one item, I’m especially fond of: ever heard of a crispy Rahmfleck or Rahmfleckerl? In case you haven’t, you most positively have been missing out on a very special savory treat!
Golden October Golden October Oct
One of the many reasons why we love Munich…
The Oktoberfest OR Munich's fifth season Wiesn 2006 Sep
“O’zapft is!” might have been today’s most anticipated term for every Munich-ian, as it rings in our town’s most loved season: It’s Oktoberfest time again. At 12 o’clock AM mayor Christian Ude taps the first keg with these famous Bavarian words…
Peeking behind the scenes Peeking behind the scenes Sep
The awareness and demand for organic, local and simply healthy food products is steadily rising. While some countries have been embracing the notion of “going local” and consciously cooking with quality ingredients for a long time already…
Thousand and one spices Thousand and one spice Jul
A few weeks back Sebastian asked us if we wanted to join him and small group of food writers, PR agents and foodies in general for a spicy event. We were pondering over…
We found ourselves a new Livingroom... *Livingroom* Jul
We stranded in Haidhausen, a district of the city of Munich (also referred to as the French quarter) by pure incident. Six years ago pretty much to the day, Oliver returned
Five-Three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5-3 Jul
*Blog temporarily offline due to unscheduled but heavy partying* We’ll return as soon as we have our voices back… ;)
Berlin, Berlin, wir fahren nach Berlin! OR Finger food for the big party World Cup & Finger Food Jun
Meanwhile, until the next game is on, we’ll be preparing more finger food such as these tasty Spring pockets – essentially they’re spring rolls, simply in a different shape – & crispy sesame chips…
Weekend Tidbits Granita Jun
The heat has gotten to us. After its long anticipated arrival, we already wish for a bit less. Ironic? Anyway, it made us stay clear of the kitchen for the most part this weekend. Did it keep us from finding good things on the net? No way.
Flea Market Impressions Fleamarket impressions Apr
Among my biggest weaknesses are flea markets. Having a special spot in my heart reserved for all things antique, flea markets are a perfect and oftentimes underrated place to find little treasures.
Best place to grab a bowl of soup (2006 IFFA) Münchner Suppenküche Mar
The Müchner Suppenküche is an institution in town probably just as much as the well known Hofbräuhaus, but certainly much less touristy – a must see if you ever end up in Munich…
Enough is enough is enough Enough is enough is enough Mar
I’m stuck. Can’t find our car, can’t use the bike. This weather is killing me! Can’t argue about its beauty -in some ways- but I’m so done with it…
Wasabi Peas at Volksgarten Wasabi Peas Jan
It took us a little bit to figure these here out. Crunchy green, small marbles that look so beautiful you wouldn’t think of them as being such a taste bud teaser. Sorry, the title killed the punch line,…