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Greek Yogurt with Candied Carrots – Karamanlidika inspired Jul
And then there was dessert. A Greek yogurt topped with candied carrots, that tasted unlike anything I have had before.
Rome again - On favorites and discoveries Jan
Since our dear friends Hande & Theo left Munich and moved to Rome a couple of years ago we try to focus on the positive aspect of having dear friends in Italy and neglect the fact that we miss them every so often. Naturally, we keep visiting each other as often as possible and when […]
Wrapping up a busy year – A finished book & some travel impressions Dec
While I’m struggling to put the happiness about my third finished cookbook into words (“Sweets” will become available in February, more about it soon), December was far from being the quiet month and -despite best plans- I just didn’t find the time to blog. New projects kept popping up unexpectedly and some of my favorite […]
Sicily - Some Favorites, Some Impressions May
Following up on Oliver’s recent Sicily post you’ll find some of our favorites below, in chronological order of our trip.
Fabrizia's Panelle - An Appetizer for all Seasons Apr
One of the most traditional appetizers we enjoyed were homemade Panelle. These chickpea fritters are similar to the Panisses one can find along the Cote d’Azur. But since they are thinner and turn out more crisp, I’d choose Panelle over Panisses any day…
Traveling Sicily - Thoughts & Tips Mar
Since we know of a few friends that are planning on visiting the island shortly, we thought about compiling a few tidbits about Sicily.
Watermelon-Strawberry Gazpacho - Sweet Maldivian memories Jul
Midnight was approaching fast, something light and refreshing seemed to be in order: the Watermelon-Strawberry Gazpacho with baked Goat Cheese.
Dubai - Bigger. Better. Faster. Feb
A short, yet delightful adventure in the Arabic world, with all its idiosyncrasies and things that got lost in translation.
René Redzepi, Noma Oct
The overall time we got to spend in the kitchens, try ingredients we haven’t heard of before, talk to the chefs and get insight into the operations was only topped by our talk with René. It provides a fair glimpse into René’s thoughts and take on the concept of eating local and sustainability and how the food industry latched onto it in its own way.
NOrdisk MAd Oct
The veils can finally be lifted: Our short trip to Copenhagen recently was all in light of – no real surprise here though – NOMA. Following an assignment by NOWNESS to interview René Redzepi is something you simply can’t turn down – even when void of an actual dining experience. We connected very well and the overall […]
Popovers & Doris Day May
Some recipes need a second chance. Sometimes, all it takes is a different list of ingredients or change of environment. Both can act as a breath of fresh air to a food experience you hastily labeled unspectacular – or simply dull. Popovers are my prime example here…
Do you Californians know how good you have it? Apr
It’s not like we had much of a choice – no blue or red pill- , but after our recent trip to sunny California, including some road-trip side-adventure, getting settled again in Munich turned out to be a real challenge.
Days of Bliss - Don Alfonso 1890 Nov
How do you sum up thoughts and memories about countless wonderful food courses, unbelievable passionate cooks who created them in the first place and the amazing hospitality of the Iacarrino family?
Headed South - Naples Nov
We had never been to this region of Italy before, so we quickly decided to throw in an extra day in Naples as a short stop-over. Just enough time to get a glimpse of the city, take a deep breath of the historic district, enjoy some typical Neapolitan food and …
Stuffed, but happy Oct
What you can see below is a glimpse of our – almost – daily breakfast situation during our most recent trip, many new found favorites included.