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Getting-ready-for-summer-lemonade with pink grapefruit and ginger delicious days daily May

Bang! From one day to another it is summer. Just like that. No notice, so we’re still stuck with our winter wardrobe.

Pimpin' an old favorite delicious days daily May

Getting the taste of your very first [almost] flourless chocolate cake, there’s no way back. It is a regular on our table, my friend Kristin serves it (with even more butter ) in her coffee bar next door and my grandpa’s girlfriend who is in her 80s fell for the recipe, too.

Smooth & silky: white asparagus soup with vanilla delicious days daily May

It was more a coincidence when my taste buds made the acquaintance with white asparagus and vanilla the first time around. A very pleasant encounter I might add. Which in fact got me to deliberately choose it a second time leaving me with lots of ideas, and a strong mental note: Must try flavoring white asparagus with vanilla.

More organic than I ordered delicious days daily May

Why is it, that whenever I buy an organic lettuce, I find one – not two or three – just one of those little critters in there? I think I’m on to something here, I’m seeing this grandpa-type old man sitting…