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Christine Manfield's Tasting India - Interview & Recipe included Jan

When I first opened Tasting India, I had a hard time choosing the very first recipe I would cook from it – so many tempting choices! But as soon as I spotted Onion Bhajias I was sold, a snack I had wanted to recreate since we had eaten them numerous times in Singapore.

Green Onion Pancakes - I finally gave in Oct

Bee’s recipe looked like a manageable effort, each step well illustrated and I even had green onions in my fridge! I couldn’t back out again and I am so glad I didn’t! These pancakes are just incredibly good – make them now, you won’t regret it.

Food bloggers turning cookbook authors & vice versa - Three lists Sep

The first signed book contracts by food bloggers were a small sensation back then, in the early days of food blogging, nowadays publishing houses and agents are screening the food blogosphere quite thoroughly for new talents – and the continuing success of food bloggers’ cookbooks proves them just right.

David Thompson's pork skewers - Busy times Sep

Of course there is always an exception to the rule, in this case: the coffeetable-worthy “THAI STREET FOOD” by Asian food guru David Thompson. Breathtakingly beautifully photographed, I had been eyeing the grilled pork skewers for weeks…