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Shiok Singapur - My cookbook no.5 Sep
…and the most intense cookbook production for my brand new book Shiok Singapur has taken its toll…
Almost there - Reisehunger, my 4th cookbook Jan
The very last weeks before the cookbook finally hits the shelves are my favorite. The work is done, no more pondering over whether you should change this or that…
My Fourth Cookbook - A Parallel Universe Nov
Hey there! I missed you! You may have guessed it already, I am most definitely not a multi-tasker. Certainly when it comes to shooting a cookbook and blogging at the same time. It just doesn’t work for me, I tried, I really did, several times. Approaching the last few cycles, I finally managed to escape my parallel […]
Scarlet Rose and Berry Pudding - "Bakeless Sweets" by Faith Durand Jul
“Bakeless Sweets”, the complete title covers everything from pudding, budino, jelly to panna cotta, icebox cake, mousse and so much more – both classics and modern recipes alike. Perfect for those hot summer months, when heating the oven is not an option.
Christine Manfield's Tasting India - Interview & Recipe included Jan
When I first opened Tasting India, I had a hard time choosing the very first recipe I would cook from it – so many tempting choices! But as soon as I spotted Onion Bhajias I was sold, a snack I had wanted to recreate since we had eaten them numerous times in Singapore.
Green Onion Pancakes - I finally gave in Oct
Bee’s recipe looked like a manageable effort, each step well illustrated and I even had green onions in my fridge! I couldn’t back out again and I am so glad I didn’t! These pancakes are just incredibly good – make them now, you won’t regret it.
Food bloggers turning cookbook authors & vice versa - Three lists Sep
The first signed book contracts by food bloggers were a small sensation back then, in the early days of food blogging, nowadays publishing houses and agents are screening the food blogosphere quite thoroughly for new talents – and the continuing success of food bloggers’ cookbooks proves them just right.
David Thompson's pork skewers - Busy times Sep
Of course there is always an exception to the rule, in this case: the coffeetable-worthy “THAI STREET FOOD” by Asian food guru David Thompson. Breathtakingly beautifully photographed, I had been eyeing the grilled pork skewers for weeks…
Cooking with the guys: Part Two - Homemade Coffee Liqueur Nov
If you invest 5 minutes in its preparation and are patient enough to then let it sit at least for one week on your kitchen shelf, you will be rewarded with the most fragrant golden digestive you can imagine.
Cooking with the guys: Part One - Past'e lenticchie Oct
Show me a neat – doable – pasta shape and I’m sold. It doesn’t take much to twist my arm and that’s what happened when I first laid hands on a dear friend’s book.
Out of order Aug
Lots of new recipes in the pipeline, but sadly my computer decided to bend inwards and die on short notice – no goodbye, no farewell only the dreaded blue screen of death.
Is it Italian? Risotto Jan
…tempting nevertheless. My first choice was slightly influenced by the leeks in my fridge, which have been waiting for their gala display longer than necessary already. But then, is there a better ending to a leek’s life than becoming julienne for risotto? I hardly doubt that. Besides,…
Cookbooks - fresh from the press cookbooks Mar
Sometimes months go by and non of the cookbooks that pass through my hands make my heart jump for joy. This is not to say that those books are bad – they are not – there’s just nothing extraordinary about them, nothing that makes them stand out from the crowd. Then,…
Favorites of 2006 - cookbooks and music Favorites of 2006 Jan
Just like you can be certain to see Dinner for one on New Years Eve, well, on German TV anyway, it’d surprise if you hadn’t stumbled over one of the many Top-Whatever-Lists of 2006
A Tale of 12 Kitchens A Tale Of 12 Kitchens Nov
…but then there is this rare occasion when you get hold of a very special book and you know it too the very moment you open it. Books that meet my individual taste spot-on and sometimes even exceed my anticipation…