As long as the season lasts - Blood orange & grapefruit sorbet
March 18th, 2014

Why do people perceive a recipe as too simple, too plain, too few ingredients? Why does everything have to be complicated or multi-layered? Sometimes beauty lies in simplicity. A clean and pure flavor – based on excellent ingredients – is all it takes to make your taste-buds happy buds.


The Munich restaurant “Upper Eat Side” has been a favorite ever since it opened its doors, even more so as our friend Uli lives just around the corner. Not a single birthday or other celebration will do without it, and certainly none of them have been anything but spectacular. Their food is outstanding and they proved to keep up their high level beyond the early hype on numerous occasions. 

During our latest visit they surprised us with a simple blood orange & grapefruit sorbet as a palate cleanser between two courses. I find most citrus sorbet too harsh and probably wouldn’t have ordered it, but was completely stunned by its fresh and well-rounded flavor. So amazed in fact, that I had it again for dessert! So excited afterwards, that I tried to come up with my own version several days later. And the sorbet gods seem to have had mercy – or how else would you explain the fact, that my favorite grocery shop had the best blood oranges of the whole season that week? See.


Originally, I had planned to add a tablespoon of Campari or Aperol liqueur to provide for an extra smooth consistency, but somehow forgot about it. That said, I’m not exactly sure what caused it, but even a couple of days later, the remains of this 3-ingredient-sorbet aren’t frozen rock-hard like other sorbets and I can instantly scoop out a portion or two… Maybe it’s just good sorbet karma? No, it’s excellent sorbet karma- definitely a keeper!


Cut blood oranges and grapefruit in half and squeeze out their juices. I didn’t want the grapefruit to overpower the blood oranges, so I decided for 300 ml strained blood orange juice and 200 ml strained pink grapefruit juice and it proved to be the perfect mix in the end.

In a pan mix the sugar with roughly 100 ml juice and heat while continuously stirring just until the sugar has completely dissolved. Mix with the rest of the juice and chill for a couple of hours.

Setup your ice cream machine according to the instructions and freeze the chilled mix. Makes an awesome palate cleanser in-between courses.


Blood orange & grapefruit sorbet

Recipe source: own creation, inspired by Upper Eat Side

Prep time: 15min. plus chilling & freezing


Ingredients (5-7 scoops):

300 ml freshly squeezed blood orange juice (4-5 fruits)

200 ml freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice (1-2 fruits)

125 g caster sugar


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