Tasty Music, Catchy Tunes - September 2012
September 27th, 2012

Just finished another small milestone on the way to my next cookbook and boy do I wish I could already share the recipe I just shot today. It might even end up on the cover… but we’ll see. Anyway, sorry for the long radio silence!  Speaking of radio, earlier today my eyes got stuck to my desktop notes – where I keep track of my latest music discoveries – and I decided to do a quick post and share them. So many great finds and fabulous new releases over the past weeks!

Impatiently awaiting Taken By Trees‘ new album Other Worlds (announced for October, 2nd), the first single Dreams will wet your appetite. (SoundcloudYouTube)

As much as I like Adventures by Germany Germany, Drew Harris’ (the student behind this project) latest album Blank Mind Empty Heart is a masterpiece for fans of electronic pop. Try Disconnect ft. Steffaloo (Soundcloud – free download!) all the way (it gets better and better) or the cover version of Real Hero (Soundcloud).

Connor Youngblood  (homepage) was on constant repeat when we drove to Lake Neusiedl earlier this month and I don’t think I will ever get tired by his stunningly beautiful voice. He provides a wide range of genres on Sketches pt. 1 and 2, from folk elements to electronic beats, and makes even a banjo suit in there. My favorites include T. Smoke (Soundcloud) and his hit, Monsters (Soundcloud).

Cover versions don’t earn my love easily, usually I stick to the original. Not in this case: Chamberlin’s Cabin Covers EP has several great tracks (e.g. from Foster the People and Cults), but their Lost In The World cover is almost better than the  the Kanye/Bon Iver original (Bandcamp)…

Cat Power‘s new album Sun has become my favorite of hers within just two or three listening periods, probably due to its surprising electronic vibes. Nothin But Time and Manhattan are two gems you should check out. (Amazon)

I wouldn’t go for my morning runs if it wasn’t for the beautiful scenery (Englischer Garten) and a powerful music playlist (ok, the feeling afterwards is another positive aspect). Paul Banks’  The Base  (mp3) was added to said playlist the moment I first listend to it. Even better: his album Banks is scheduled for October, 23rd. (homepage)

Some quickies worth checking out:
Disclosure – Latch ft. Sam Smith (Soundcloud)
Neil Halstead – Digging Shelters (Soundcloud)
Jessie Ware – Sweet Talk (Soundcloud)
Odeza – How Did I Get Here (Soundcloud)
Moon Duo – Sleepwalker (YouTube, hilarious aka strange video)
Birds & Batteries – Stray Light (homepage)

Up for a nice concert? The XX teamed up with the BBC Philharmonic and you can watch the whole event (with numerous songs from their new album Coexist) here: YouTube

One last  shout-out  goes to Julie Fahrenheit and her awesome  music column, where I discovered two new favorites. Sky FerreiraEverything is Embarrassing (Soundcloud) and the uber kinky PragSophie Marceau (YouTube).

Ooops, almost forgot this one: Ben Folds Five teamed up with the Fraggles! In Do It Anyway you will see Mokey Fraggle headbanging. And yes, it is Anna Kendrick. Don’t miss the end. (YouTube)


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