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Buttermilk ice cream with basil & vanilla - Summer, come back! Jul
Oh and if you dare to go one step further and pair the basil with buttermilk ice cream, you might be in for a real summer treat. Perfect for glistening hot summer days.
Tiny holes in your favorite shirts? Kitchen mystery solved. Jul
I don’t remember the first time it happened, all I know is that it drove me crazy and it drove Oliver crazy because I got all furious when I -yet again- had spotted new tiny holes in my shirts or pullovers and couldn’t for the life of it figure out how they got in there in the first place.
Watermelon-Strawberry Gazpacho - Sweet Maldivian memories Jul
Midnight was approaching fast, something light and refreshing seemed to be in order: the Watermelon-Strawberry Gazpacho with baked Goat Cheese.