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Welcoming dear friends - Flammkuchen with red onions Jul
Compared to our pizza process which kicks off at least 24 hours before we can indulge in our first piece, this here can be prepared in 2 hours, no-fuss.
It was about time - gets a redesign Jul
Inspirational sparks can come from anywhere and despite all previous failed approaches pretty much out of the blue a design idea stroke and within two weeks most work was done, both front-end and back-end wise. Now began the period I dreaded the most…
Homemade ladyfingers - When all I wanted was Tiramisu Jul
But I had already firmly latched onto the idea of whipping up some Tiramisu, all I needed now was a quick way out of my misery. Enough eggs were at hand, perhaps it was time to conquer the art of making ladyfingers myself.
Caesar Salad - Kind of, but better Jul
My version is everything most restaurant versions keep missing… and a bit more, I think. A finger lickin’ good dressing, tiny pieces of crisp bacon, spicy chicken with a hint of Indian flavor (ok, ok, my touch, remember: my kitchen) and soft Avocado cubes add to this classic and I wouldn’t want to miss them in my salad bowl anymore.