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Stocking up on dessert snacks - Coconut rice pudding Sep
Ever since I skipped store-bought stuff such as rice puddings, fruit curds or custards. Rice puddings are especially close to my heart, a childhood thing, who would have guessed?
Sausage salad - Bavarian, Swiss or Austrian? Sep
Will you be easier to convince? Let’s see: It’s a perfectly hearty snack, easy to make ahead for a picnic or beergarden visit and it keeps well in the fridge. You do have craftspeople in your house? This is the perfect snack for them, year-round.
Zwetschgendatschi - Wherever you go Sep
…no matter which bakery you walk in, from August to September the Zwetschgendatschi is a staple on every counter here in Bavaria. I don’t think anybody could refuse a still warm slice of this juicy cake.