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Back to work - Basler Brunsli Basler Brunsli Nov
But I’m not trying to steal the spot light from the real discovery this afternoon, my colleague Maike’s cookies: the Basler Brunsli she had baked using her grandma’s recipe.
Not-again!-dishes or stop whining already: Pumpkin gnocchi Pumpkin Gnocchi Nov
I have become so hooked on these little Italian dumplings with the velvet-like texture, that I have to have them every other week. Last week my addiction kicked in at 9.30 pm… and a good hour later I sat in front of a plate of steaming hot gnocchi with browned pine nut butter.
3-pepper Spaghetti Carbonara - Roscioli inspired Spaghetti Carbonara Nov
What got me intrigued though was the pasta, as many of the pasta dishes on their menu stood out by their exotic seasoning and especially the use of different peppercorns. Which, back home, inspired me to spice up my own Carbonara in a similar way…