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The white asparagus deal delicious days daily May
Talking about bad customer service in Germany?? Not here and a clever move, too: some market stalls at Viktualienmarkt offer to peel your asparagus – within 5 minutes and they do it for free!
Cooking lessons delicious days daily May
…return to the class room everyone. Yesterday was all about going back to school: Friends came over and taught us a thing or two about how to properly make their favourite …
A little piece of wood delicious days daily May
With a little parcel from Rome arriving earlier this year (thanks to my dear friend Hande) came a perhaps inconspicuous but nevertheless very useful tool, it has become indispensable in my kitchen and I use it – I kid you not – almost once every week.
Sunday finds delicious days daily May
Munich readers may be able to guess where I spent all Sunday morning…