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Minced or pressed? delicious days daily Apr
What’s your favorite way to treat your garlic?
Ooops I did it again... delicious days daily Apr
… and killed Mr. Basil. Water used to make him so happy, not anymore though. He had a great life while it lasted on our kitchen window sill, for almost 2 months – and even set a new record! He rocked.
Less is more delicious days daily Apr
Less has to be more these days. Less sleep = getting more work done. Simple math, but really the only constant in my packed life currently. The next four weeks will be filled with ever so many deadlines, probably more than I can count with my two hands.
Semolina love affair Semolina pudding Apr
One of the most satisfying moments in a kitchen has to be the successful attempt to (re)create a dish from scratch, without a recipe & no ingredients given, merely the recollection of what it tasted like when you enjoyed it. A dish for instance that you had at a restaurant or a store-bought something rather.