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Tomato soup, variety and such Tomato soup with lentils Feb
A really good tomato soup will always have a front row seat in my virtual “I hope nobody is watching me licking the soup bowl clean” – list. Quite likely, a well done tomato soup will even outrun the most comforting potato soup as well as a bowl …
What have I done?! ? Feb
Yet new ideas keep inspiring me, this time around I wanted something to complement a very pure and basic panna cotta. How about a reduced, thick, spiced wine syrup?
Helado de Cajeta Helado de Cajeta Feb
So as I was creating the menu for a Mexican-themed dinner party and trying to come up with the perfect dessert, I remembered my old fondness for Cajeta and incorporated it into a simple custard for ice cream. What a hit!
Ich bin ein Berliner - Step by step to Mini-Krapfen Krapfen Feb
Now that this years carnival season has come to an end, I wanted to try my luck with my very first homemade Krapfen. Fully custom designed: Smaller in size than off the shelf ones (so you could have more without feeling guilty!) and of course filled with my favorite rose hip jam.