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Hervé This - Shiny That: How to make tarnished silverware look shiny again Silverware Jan
Up until now I used a rather expensive bottle of silver polish to get rid of any unwanted patina, but Hervé This’ recommendation is as simple as it is effective.
My book needs a cover... Cover Jan
Take a big bowl of your personal style and ideas, throw in a few cups of knowledge from the publishing pros and add a pinch of common sense… sounds simple enough?
Is it Italian? Risotto Jan
…tempting nevertheless. My first choice was slightly influenced by the leeks in my fridge, which have been waiting for their gala display longer than necessary already. But then, is there a better ending to a leek’s life than becoming julienne for risotto? I hardly doubt that. Besides,…
Sweet nothing Lollies Jan
Food photography is usually about good timing and taking photos of ice cream can be a tricky thing. And if you believe that there can hardly be anything more challenging to shoot