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Feeling sick - Post...poned Post...poned Oct
This is what I’ve been living on the last 48 hours and as you can probably imagine I don’t feel like writing about bacon at the moment, which is supposed to have a gala display in the next – almost finished – post.
'Think you've seen it all? Cutie Oct
For me, one of these days greatest food moments are to discover a fruit or vegetable I had no idea existed. I wasn’t lucky enough to spot some Pink Pearls, but on our recent trip to San Francisco, the below fruits were sold in front of the Ferry Building.
At your service: Crêpes, autumn-style Crepes, Autumn-style Oct
Sometimes I have to think about a topic for some time, but when Anja (happy “sneaker” and 24/7 busy business girl) asked for a speedy dinner option to not always have to give in to the same pasta creations, I told her about my latest fast food addiction: filled Crêpes, autumn-style.
The French Laundry & Some Soap The French Laundry Oct
Even though our trip has undergone many, many revisions and the timing of when to be where had military grade accuracy, one date was rock solid. The French Laundry. As soon as we had decided to do it…