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Two cars, five states and countless meals Road-Trip Sep
The last load of our washing machine hasn’t dried yet, empty bags still linger in our hallway and far too many emails are crowding my to-do list, gathering more e-dust by the hour. We’re home again. The welcoming sunshine at the airport was an insidious trickery …
Mama Rita's Peach Cobbler Mama Rita's Peach Cobbler Sep
On a balmy night in mid-August, we sat on our patio with friends enjoying food and wine of the season. For the “contorni” course, I served a late-summer rendition of…
Escaping the rain Vacation Sep
Enough is enough! After a week of constant rain we decided to leave and go west. Like… in a few thousand miles west. I’d love to claim to have this level of spunk, but the trip was planed well ahead…