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Everything falls into place - The Book Deal Contracts Aug
If somebody would have told me, that the spontaneous idea of setting up a food blog back in 2005 would change my life in so many ways, I would have laughed it off and called him or her nuts. Heck, I didn’t even know, if I’d still be blogging after a few months. But to my own surprise …
Rotten eggs and phyllo failure Fingerfood Aug
Yesterday my lucky egg phase came to an end with a loud bang. Add a scream to that. I was preparing food for our annual house party, just in the middle of mixing together all the ingredients for a Tiropita (savoury Greek pastry) filling, when I reached for…
Faking sauce & playing ball Salsa finta/Polpette di ricotta Aug
“I have a confession to make…” were Oliver’s words when he entered the room. “How many?” I shot right back at him. I exactly knew what had happened. I heard him walking towards the kitchen earlier where he simply couldn’t overlook something delicious simmering on the stove-top, and really, how could he not?…
Greece, eight friends & a sailing boat Enjoy the view Aug
…eating out was a completely different story, oftentimes our eyes were bigger than our stomach. No, all the times. Skordalia, tzatziki, saganaki, fried calamari and sardines, fried eggplant, different kinds of souvlaki, pastitsio, moussaka, dolmades, pantzaria, taramosalata and what not were regulars on our dinner table…