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July 30th, 2007

I had best intentions, I was in fact looking forward to writing another post for the time we’d spend traveling. But you know how life goes, the week before you leave is always the craziest…


Not overly creative, but probably the next best thing, I’d like you to accompany me through my last virtual trip through the web highlighting a handful of fellow blogs presenting tasty bites. No culinary cravings that couldn’t be addressed with the below list, promised!

Keep it cool:

Gianduja gelato – A ticket to hazelnut heaven

Strawberry watermelon agua fresca recipe

Matcha white chocolate ice cream

Melons of memory

Snack away:

Zucchini carpaccio, two versions

Baked sweet potato fries

Cauliflower & gorgonzola soufflés with walnut & celery salad

An anniversary served with fried chicken

Pearly whites

Sweet tooth cravings:

Passion fruit soufflé glacé with pineapple fruit soup

Crumbling towards ecstasy with strawberries

Children’s birthday cake – in shape of a fish!

We’re Serving Hot Fruit!

Besides food:

If in need of something to keep you warm during summer, this is probably the most beautiful way. If I only had the patience! And a hilarious read about nudity (yep you read right).

Wishing you lots of sunshine!

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