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Getting seasonal with strawberry dumplings Strawberry dumplings Jun
Since the strawberry season is in full bloom we already had them in every thinkable way, with panna cotta or on-top of a cake, but as a filling for dumplings? Warm? They are actually quite easy to prepare – once I mastered the sticky dough that is – and the combination of strawberries and poppyseed is not only a visual hit, it’s delish.
How to organize recipes Organizing recipes Jun
Are you are a well organized person? I am most definitely not. Although I do like things neat and clean, for some reason I have a hard time keeping certain areas that way.
Down the memory lane - with pork fat Griebenschmalz Jun
We refer to it as Griebenschmalz or Grammelfett, a typical German and Austrian specialty served as a spread on crisp sourdough or rye bread and oftentimes found in beergardens or as a no-fuss, down-to-earth Brotzeit in Bavarian restaurants….
A phat project A phat project Jun
Eeew, now if that’s what you’re thinking – stop right there and wait for the final product. What do you think are my culinary plans for the weekend? Take a guess!