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An extra dose of sunshine - Egg Ravioli pasta May
If your up for an not so ordinary doses of ravioli you’re in for treat: imagine a just runny egg yolk, its dark orange color which reminds of pretty sunflowers and bright sunshine and…
Advertising - The proper way ad May
Proper advertising.
A special Bavarian treat - Rahmfleckerl Rahmfleck May
Stall after stall offering all kinds of Bratwürschtl’n (Bratwurst), Dampfnudeln (sweet yeast dumplings) or Steckerlfisch (fish on a stick), but to top things off, there is one item, I’m especially fond of: ever heard of a crispy Rahmfleck or Rahmfleckerl? In case you haven’t, you most positively have been missing out on a very special savory treat!
Crumbling cakes and a strange experience Rhubarb Crumcle Cake May
As soon as we got a handle on the kitchen mess, my kitchen spirit asked for a non-elaborate, quick summer cake – we enjoyed the warmest April in the last 100 years (and finally got some long awaited rain this morning). Rhubarb is currently on everyone’s mind, so I quickly settled for a easy to make crumble cake…