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Canned Cakes - Baked with Love Canned cakes Feb
The idea was picked up by trendy bread baked in clay pots and cakes on sticks. But trends pass by and so I almost forgot about them until I was looking for a neat little foodie gift. I not only rediscovered a great concept – 12 glasses of cake over the last two weeks certainly speak for itself – but what I found myself is the best poppy seed cake recipe I have baked so far.
Pizzoccheri della Valtellina - Embracing comfort food! Pizzoccheri Feb
…The pasta’s origin lies in Valtellina, a part of the Lombardy region in northern Italy and while some people may immediately be intimidated by this recipe’s amount of butter and cheese, don’t be, it’s worth every bit of it: love at first sight!
Someone has nibbled at my bread - web bites True Keepers Feb
We write because we love our food, which, photographed or not, will land on our plates afterwards. Usually. I dare to claim food bloggers are epicureans, so by no means would someone add hairspray to a painstakingly prepared feast, right? RIGHT? And the inexorably melting ball of ice cream showcased on the plate is real ice cream…
Jello - under the influence Jello Feb
Take the English jelly and American Jell-O/jello for instance, both stand for a gelatin dessert and are quite obviously a modification of its main ingredient, the mighty gelatin. Jelly, jello, all fine by me. But…