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Mikado salad Mikado salad Jan
On a closer look – and with a bit of self-scrutiny – the revival of the beetroot was no longer just a fad or the obligatory trend item on a menu, people actually seemed to really like them. Just about when I was ready to give in, block out my aversion…
Cute, cuter, mini bagels Mini Bagels Jan
Generally, if possible, I always opt for the smallest portion of a snack, which makes it easier to indulge in many different varieties or flavors. Love to sample without making commitments, so to speak. Voilà, this is where the mini bagels come into play.
Neat meat: Follow-Up Neat Meat Jan
Thank you all for sharing your personal point of view on this topic. Your various comments made one thing pretty clear: There is no absolute consensus on how to handle fresh meat…
Neat meat: Do you wash it? ??? Jan
It’s funny how many of one’s daily actions in the kitchen are governed by force of habit. I was quite happy with my rituals and habits until I stumbled upon a little note in a German food magazine that not only suggested…