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Kalua Truffles - SHF no.25 Kalua Truffels Nov
…precious little daylight and narrow space. If you suffer form claustrophobia your only chance is that your lust for delicious chocolate prevails…
Olivita 2006, Puglia - Impressions Olivita 2006, Puglia Nov
What brought us to leave the comfort of our own four walls in search of new lands & tastes? Sun, fair sky and tasty food. Well, that and the outlook to learn the one or other thing about olives, olive oils and the wonderful region of…
Membrillo Membrillo Nov
I was looking for a classic recipe. An original, something compelling and simple at the same time and did find it: Membrillo, a Spanish delicacy, traditionally eaten with cheese such as Manchego…
Orecchiette Orecchiette Nov
Lasagne sheets, linguine, papardelle or ravioli, the usual suspects if it comes to home made pasta – been there done that. I was up for something new and exciting. Orecchiette – Puglia’s traditional ear-shaped pasta!