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Zwetschgenknödel - The last days of summer Zwetschgenknoedel Oct
Zwetschgen are key for one of southern Germany’s most typical and coveted cake, the Zwetschgendatschi. To me, they are key ingredient for my most treasured sweet dumplings, Zwetschgenknödel (plum dumplings)…
The question is WHERE? Wish I was there... Oct
I’ve mentioned it before, the best thing about food-blogging is the people you’ll meet along the way. Dear friendships have developed, both in the online and offline world; what can I say, passionate food lovers mingle well.
Peanut butter banana bread or a bumpy road to love Peanut Butter Banana Bread Oct
Peanut butter and I go way back, we share some memorable history together. It all began with love on first sight, then we completely lost contact for a while, to finally put a happy ending to the story. So what had happened? Long story…
Working the plate Working the Plate Oct
German postal service and I not necessarily see eye to eye, up until recently anyway. But it’s changing, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Since I’m primarily an online book shopper, most of my new cookbook fixes I get via mail.