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Becoming cool News in Vienna Aug
A little annoyed by the constant rain, we headed back to the hotel and shortly after found ourselves in front of a PC screen checking our emails and could not believe what we were looking at – I wildly gestured Oliver to come over and tell me I’m not starting to see things… we’ve been selected by as one of the 50 Coolest Websites (2006).
Brotzeit! Brotzeit! Aug
“Brotzeit”, a term we Bavarians quickly claim to be our own invention, translates to a small meal, that A) typically consists of down-to-earth Bavarian delicacies and B) preferably is eaten in a cozy Bavarian beer garden.
Sugar High Friday no.22 - Can you can? SHF no. 22 Aug
This month’s edition is taking place on Friday August 25th and is a good opportunity to preserve the taste of summer: It’s totally up to you, take your favorite fruits, preserve them, refine them, work with them, your creativity is the limit…