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Berlin, Berlin, wir fahren nach Berlin! OR Finger food for the big party World Cup & Finger Food Jun
Meanwhile, until the next game is on, we’ll be preparing more finger food such as these tasty Spring pockets – essentially they’re spring rolls, simply in a different shape – & crispy sesame chips…
Weekend Tidbits Granita Jun
The heat has gotten to us. After its long anticipated arrival, we already wish for a bit less. Ironic? Anyway, it made us stay clear of the kitchen for the most part this weekend. Did it keep us from finding good things on the net? No way.
Elderflower, Bubbly & Fried Elderflower, Bubbly & Fried Jun
It’s becoming a common theme, but what can I do, the source of my recipe plans is again deeply rooted in my family. Something that has been lingering around the edges of my brain for quite a while have been Hollerküchln, a delicious, traditional Bavarian recipe from my grandma’s inexhaustible repertoire…
Asparagus - Hurry up! Purple Asparagus Jun
Just like the king of vegetables itself, articles and recipes on asparagus started popping up when spring finally arrived earlier this year (check here for many more, and another quick read about Fat or Skinny…). Well, going by the date…